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Romantic stays, family vacations, professional seminars and getaway weekends are organized at the Domaine des Remparts, hotel in Marrakech! 5-star services, two restaurants, elegant suites, two swimming pools… Everything here has been designed to offer you stopovers that you won't soon forget, in the sumptuous setting of La Palmeraie in the Ocher City.

Prestigious drinks
The bar of the Domaine des Remparts

Our mixologist at your service
Order your drink at the bar

Throughout the day, after exploring the surroundings of Marrakech or during your lazy afternoon by the pool, order the drink of your choice from our team. Wherever you are on the Domaine des Remparts, we will come to serve you what will please you.

Our menu is filled with various hot or refreshing drinks. You will find a variety of tea, sodas, but also many cocktails. Choose whatever will make you happy on our bar menu. Our mixologist and his teams are at your disposal!

We grow our products The vegetable garden

The Domaine des Remparts mixologist wishes to offer you moments of escape and refinement thanks to his cocktails. All the products used come from the region or its vegetable garden, which you will find in the large garden!

Gourmet breaks Cocktails

Prepared from exceptional products and with care by our mixologist, the à la carte cocktails are always innovative and creative. Apart from classic cocktails, you will have the opportunity to order signature cocktails that will amaze your taste buds with their surprising taste, amazing color and perfect flavor!